Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum purchase amount?
    • We do not have a minimum purchase amount, but we offer bulk discounting to incentivize larger orders.
    Do you sell by piece or by weight?
      • We sell by piece. Weights and price per gram estimates are listed as a convenience to our customers. All measurements provided on the website are posted as estimates and not facts.
      Do you offer additional discounts?
        • We offer extremely competitive pricing on all items. We also give discounts for bulk purchases.
            $0-499.99 (0% off)
            $500-999.99 (2% off)
            $1000-1999.99 (3% off)
            $2000+ (5% off)
          Discounts will be calculated on the checkout page.
        Do I have to pay sales tax?
          • We are exclusively a wholesale company and require a retail license (tax number).
          How long does it take you to ship my order?
            • Most orders are shipped within 1-3 business days.
            What is sterling silver?
              • Sterling silver is a metal alloy consisting of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% alloy. Each factory uses their own special alloy blend for the 7.5% but it mostly consists of zinc and copper. According to the United States Federal Trade Commission §23.5.b.2, sterling silver can also be described as solid silver. Sterling silver is the expected standard for silver jewelry.
              Are the chains plated?
                • We plate all our sterling silver chains with an anti-tarnish coating. This non-toxic hypoallergenic coating does not change the appearance or flexibility of the chain. All sterling silver products will tarnish over time. The anti-tarnish coating delays the tarnishing process. We recommend storing sterling silver in a sealed container, like a food-safe plastic bag.
                How do I stop tarnish?
                  • All sterling silver products will tarnish over time. The fight against tarnish needs to start immediately because it is easier to prevent or slow down the tarnishing process than it is to clean tarnished silver jewelry. We recommend storing sterling silver in sealed food-safe plastic bags with as little air inside as possible. For extra protection, you can add an anti-tarnishing strip inside the plastic bag. Two big threats to sterling silver are sulfur and chlorine. Many cheap plastic bags or jewelry boxes contain these elements and they will turn silver black on contact. This discoloration is frustrating to remove.
                  Are all Shrum & Cooper chains manufactured in Italy?
                    • Yes, we work with factories around the world, but we source our sterling silver chains exclusively from Italy. Although it may be common practice to purchase chains outside of Italy, we have found the Italian quality is unbeatable.
                    Can I use your images?
                      • We do not release the rights to use images found on We prohibit use for personal and commercial purposes including full or partial use of our images.
                      Can I return the products if I do not like them?
                        • If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, you may return the unused item in its original packaging within 10 days for a full product refund. You may return the product between 11-30 days for a 25% restocking fee. We cannot be held liable for tarnish, oxidization, mishandling, or customer neglect. All tarnished or oxidized returns will be valued at scrap silver.
                        Where are you located?
                          • We are in Rancho Cordova, California. We do not have a showroom for the public.
                          Can I special order different lengths or styles of chain?
                            • Yes, please email for specifics. At jewelry shows, we will have samples of chain styles that are available for special order.
                            Do you backorder unfulfilled items?
                              • We do not backorder products, but we try to always keep a well-stocked inventory. If we are unable to fulfill an item, we will refund it from your order.
                              Do you attend trade shows?
                                • Yes, please visit our trade show page for up-to-date trade show information.
                                Can I dropship?